The Times: Venture capital and the case for science funding

This appeared as a Guest Post in The Times Science Blog, Eureka Daily, on 8 October 2010


Today’s economic climate and related austerity measures have triggered significant changes both in the funding of the science sector and in venture capital. These simultaneous changes have had a knock on effect on the way in which science and venture capital funding affect one another, creating a perfect storm.

The whole spectrum of sciences, including vital areas in cleantech, life sciences, and engineering, is facing extreme upheaval, particularly in the funding of scientific research. An overarching difficult economic situation, cuts by government in the area of blue-skies research, and less funding available from corporate and funds, means funding of science that is not immediately of commercial value is seen as unnecessary, imprudent, and wasteful.

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Lucy P. Marcus is the non-executive chair of the Mobius Life Sciences Fund, non-executive director and chair of the board audit committee of BioCity Nottingham, CEO of Marcus Venture Consulting, and a Fellow at University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School.

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8 October 2010


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