Mobius Life Sciences Fund

The Mobius Life Sciences Fund is the first investment fund in the Midlands region dedicated to the life sciences sector. It provides seed level equity investment into early stage bioscience, pharmaceutical, medical technology and healthcare businesses. The Fund leverages this early stage investment through a collaboration with Nottingham City Council, which provides unsecured loan finance to investees, and by supporting businesses to use the investment to match against grant and other funding. Mobius adds further value to investee companies by taking a seat on the Board of Directors and using an extensive industry network to access advice and support to the business. Mobius also co-invest alongside other early stage investors, including business angels, and acts as a feeder to later stage funds.

The Mobius Life Sciences Fund is structured with a board and the Mobius Life Sciences Investment Panel, which brings together national experts from the life sciences and business sectors.

The Mobius Life Sciences Investment panel consists of:


Non-Executive Board Chair & Chair, Mobius Life Sciences Fund Investment Panel

Mobius Life Sciences Fund