Video: In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus: 'Shareholder spring'

In this edition of “In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus”, Axel Threlfall talks to Lucy about the “shareholder spring”.

If the past couple of weeks of annual general meetings (AGMs) around the world haven’t sent a strong signal to boards about the way investors and other stakeholders are feeling, it is hard to know what will.

Remuneration levels for CEOs and members of the c-suite has been a hot button issue for Barclays, Aviva, UBS, Citigroup, AstraZeneca, Shell, and others. In meeting after meeting, investors stood up to challenge remuneration committees about their decisions and their decision making process. Stakeholders also asked some pointed questions about corporate social responsibility. With Apple and Foxconn on their minds, they asked about a wide spectrum of areas from global working practices, wages, conflict minerals and more.

Board members ignore this shift at their own peril.


4 May 2012

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