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  1. Assessing corporate risk in Ukraine 5 March 2014

    As the crisis in Ukraine escalates, boardrooms and senior management teams worldwide are now likely talking about the problems of doing business in conflict zones.

  2. In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus: Directors prepare for shareholder attack 7 January 2014

    Activist shareholders are stockpiling record amounts of cash this year, determined to take on below-par boards.

  3. Groupon’s fate hinges on the boardroom 1 March 2013

    Andrew Mason, the chief executive officer of Groupon, has, in his own words, been fired.

  4. The boardroom mystique 22 February 2013

    On the 50th anniversary of the publication of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique I’ve started to wonder how far we’ve come in the boardroom.

  5. The danger of a CEO’s double-dip 12 February 2013

    As we move into the year, companies and their leaders are under greater scrutiny than ever.

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